Starting Treatment

Welcome to my practice.  I appreciate your trusting me with your care, and I look forward to working with you. These
Guidelines contain my usual practices for appointments, medications, fees, billing, insurance and missed
appointments.  Please read them and let me know if you have any questions.

My initial consultation lasts an hour. Often it takes more than one appointment to understand you fully and make
comprehensive treatment plans.  Typically other appointments are for 45 minutes, but they may be shorter, as for
medication management.  Once begun, treatment goes best when we meet regularly and end with a mutually agreed

As a physician I am concerned with medical factors in your symptoms. With your written consent, I will coordinate
your treatment with your primary care or other physician. Up-to-date physical and laboratory examinations are
usually necessary for patients needing medication.

If I am prescribing medication for you, I typically prescribe for a month’s supply with two refills.  To insure good care,
we should meet in person at least once every three months.  If you are in psychotherapy with someone else I need
your written permission to coordinate with the other mental health professional.

Fees are agreed upon prior to the start of treatment.  A fee schedule will be provided at the initial consultation
appointment.  Unless you make alternate arrangements, please pay for services when I provide for them.  I have no
contractual or other arrangement with insurance companies.  My billing office provides documentation of charges
and payments which you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement.  Please note that you are responsible for
any balance due to me.

I currently accept personal check or cash for payment.   Billing questions are handled by my assistant, Randee
Silberfeld.  She will answer any questions about charges, payments and insurance. She can help verify your
insurance eligibility and procedures for filing.  

I don’t charge for brief letters or telephone conversations.  For formal evaluations, assessments, consultations and
reports and for long telephone conversations I charge for the time, at the rate for individual psychotherapy. You are
responsible for those charges; some may not be reimbursed by insurers. I charge on a different scale for forensic
services, which insurers do not cover.

If you have to miss an appointment please give me at least 24 hours notice or I will charge for the missed session.
Please pay for missed sessions at or before the next appointment.  The missed appointments are noted as such on
the bill.  Insurers pay only for services provided, not for missed appointments.

Patients will have contact information and calls will be returned as quickly as possible.  If I am away, I will leave in the
message on the answering machine the name and telephone number of the doctor on call. In an emergency seek
help at the Emergency Department of Georgetown University Hospital, or a hospital closer to you.

There are other practitioners in my office suite. We are not partners. I have no responsibility for their billing, and I do
not control or supervise their services.

No guidelines can cover everyone’s needs. Please bring up any  questions, individual issues or special
circumstances you have. Thank you for coming to me for treatment. I hope we work together productively and well.

Brian B. Doyle, MD